Small Space Secrets


Revisiting one of our favourite interior blogs, we came across Sarah Lonsdale’s Expert advice: 10 secrets for living in a small space. Focusing on an interview with artist and graphic designer Wendy Furman, it offers some great insight into general design as well as some super tips for small space living. Here, we reflect on some of our favourite quotes from Wendy Furman:

• Design should be a feast for your senses in a restrained way… You don’t need to own everything and less is certainly more, but your possessions should bring you pleasure
• Take your time when you buy something. Don’t go for fads, and only buy what gives you the most pleasure. Understand that you will be living with pieces for many years. Ask yourself a lot of questions: “what does this add to my life?” “what is its beauty, its function?”
• Cherish and value what you have. If it gives you no pleasure, get rid of it. Don’t be afraid to let go…You are reminded of your mistakes daily, so choose carefully. Look at everything with a curator’s eye
• Keep a simple palette. Wood has an organic element that warms a small space but without dominating it
• Create a white palette. In a small house white makes everything look cleaner and larger, it’s optical. Avoid dark colours unless you specifically want to create a dramatic focal point. Once you’ve created a white backdrop allow the objects to fill the space. This comes from the museum and gallery world. Curators like to use specific whites – they have blue whites that make the work look crisper and are great for showing off art
• Rules to live by? You should never have more than five main pieces in a room otherwise it is too much. You need a table, a lamp and a sofa – just the basics. Apply reductive thinking
• Live by the Coco Chanel rule. She recommended that when you accessorize, flip around and look at yourself in the mirror, then remove whatever catches your eye. It’s a reductive way of living. Do the same in a room with the objects you own

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