Small space mistakes and how to avoid them

Here at Futon Company we’re huge fans of and we especially loved their November 28th post Small Space Living: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Space is Tight. As experts in small space living we’re always on the lookout for top tips and highlights to share with our customers.

Writer Joanna simmons says…”From a pocket-sized room or super-small studio flat to a whole house that’s more snug than spacious, tackling a tiny space demands thought, care and creativity. While big homes and generous rooms can be more forgiving and offer at the very least abundant floor space, a tiny room or flat is less flexible and needs to work harder.” Check out her roundup of commonly made small-space mistakes with helpful hints for avoiding them….

Pitfall: Neglecting to plan. “Kitting out your small home without first scrutinising it and making a smart plan is a mistake…It might be a good time to think about investing in compact furniture or pieces that can multi-task.”

Pitfall: Forgetting about volume. “When the footprint is tiny, it’s crucial to think about the overall volume of a space instead. This means looking upwards and working out how to increase the feeling of space using what you have.”

Pitfall: Not maximising storage space. “In a small place, where and how you install [your storage]…is crucially important to your home’s overall functionality…Make use of both vertical and wasted areas, so exploit the space under the bed, behind or above doors or high up…Stalwarts of the storage world, from shelves to rails, hooks to ceiling clothing airers will all help.”

Pitfall : Breaking up the space too much. “Avoid visually breaking up the space too much as this can make it feel compartmentalised and even smaller than it is…An expanse of the same flooring or paint shade will give it a sense of flow, opening out the space.”

Pitfall: Failing to use mirrors. “In a compact space, mirrors are your friends…They can really boost the feeling of space and bounce light around…If you like the space-boosting effect of mirrors but don’t want to be confronted with your reflection at every turn, fit them in the upper third portion of the room.”

Pitfall: Avoiding bright colours. “Light colours are brilliant at visually expanding a space and making it feel bigger…But a bold shade can have a huge impact in a small area and go a long way to creating a look for the entire home.”

Pitfall: Using furniture with the wrong proportions: “Getting the size of your pieces right when space is limited is important. This doesn’t automatically mean you should use small items, though. Often, compact pieces seem to accentuate the mini dimensions of the room, while a big piece can look surprising…Consider shape, too. A circular table may be easier to shimmy around in a compact dining area…but a long slim table..can be pushed against the wall.”

Futon Company says: Small is beautiful and limited space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style and design. It just means that you need to be a little bit smarter when it comes to fine-tuning your look. Check out these clever designs, ideal for small space living…

Oak hall shelf with hooksleaning-clothes-organiser-3

Oak storage mirrorstorage-oak-mirror-shelf1-pop

Oak corner ladder shelfcorner-ladder-shelf-three

Tia side table (Design Masters)



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