Small Space Living… According to the Experts

Here at Futon Company we’ve built a business around making the most of small space living.  What’s more, the ethos of space saving living is an integral part of our approach to product design and buying – and has been since we opened our first store in 1980.  So we’ve watched with interest as other high street retailers and respected names begin to focus on micro living and maximising compact spaces.  But what really interested us was a feature from Elle Decoration Features Director Amy Bradford in the November 2016 issue, and her insights into the increasing interiors focus around this issue.

According to Bradford, “the property crisis and technology are conspiring to scale down our idea of home.”  The impact, she believes, is the rise of ‘kidults’ – adults living in a state of perpetual student-dom (yes we like that word).  What’s more, far from it being singletons ‘feeling the squeeze’, young families and even empty-nesters are also “rejoicing in the intimacy of small, cosy corners.”  The message, says Bradford, is clear, “shrinking living quarters are the future we face.”

The contributory factors to smaller sized homes are well documented.  Limited space, a larger population, lots of people living in the capital.  The impact of small space living, however, is less commented upon.  According to the feature, a survey by Opinium Research revealed that 42% of 20-somethings polled “were putting off starting a family because of soaring housing costs.”  What’s more, “four out of five respondents were considering leaving London altogether.”

Meanwhile, self employment is on the increase and the impact of technology “liberates us to work flexible hours at home.”  However, as Bradford points out, this is the same technology that is also “eroding the barriers that used to separate work from leisure.”

Futon Company says:  While small space living is viewed by some as a conspiracy to “scale down our idea of home” it’s a fact of life that space saving living and smaller homes are the future.  Not only are they necessary to accommodate the growing population, they are better for the environment and can help to create strong and supportive communities.  The best way to think about small spaces is to make the most of the space available, buying multi functional furniture, lightweight furniture which can be easily moved to enable constant room transformations.  To get you in the mindset check out our range of smart furniture, designed with micro living in mind…

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