Small Space Kitchen Hacks

Looking for inspirational top tips on how to make the most of space in a pocket pad, we came across this fabulous blog with 10 tips for maximising storage space in a tiny kitchen 

Here’s a snapshot of our favourite hot hacks on how to maximise space in a tiny kitchen:

* Install a low, shallow shelf over the kitchen counter

* Take advantage of every inch of wall space

* Mini-size the appliances – they don’t have to take up all the counter space

* Source a folding table that has storage too

* Hang your cooking essentials – hang pots and cooking tools artfully from the wall

Futon Company says:  What a blog!  Visually stunning and brimming with practical advice and guidance, this inspired us to look closer to home for our own Futon Company space saving hacks.


Our Home Sweet Home Peg Rack is ideal for hanging tea towels, mugs and cooking utensils.

Our Large Oak Picture Rail can double up as a kitchen shelf to store mugs or crockery.

Our Walnut Folding Stool is a fab space saver for those last minute unexpected guests.