Small is beautiful


When we saw’s blog post ‘How Living in a Tiny Apartment Made Me Feel Happier and Saner‘ it made us smile. As experts in small space living, we enjoyed the author’s use of language and phrases – ‘smallness was a comfort to me’, ‘it felt like a cocoon’, ‘a place to retreat from all the things that had been worrying me.’ And it got us thinking about ‘small’ in general.

It seems that there’s a whole world of ideas, philosophies and political models dedicated to the notion that small is beautiful. For example, the on September 4th-6th 2015 in Powys explores ‘positive responses to our future through low carbon technology, social justice and the arts.’ Then there’s a tiny house documentary following four people as they build their own tiny houses in pursuit of a mortgage free lifestyle. And EF Schumacher’s Small is Beautiful is a 1970s political manifesto challenging ‘gigantism’ and championing environmental and human sustainability.

While Futon Company can’t pretend to be pioneers of a new way of living or some political movement, we are definitely champions of space saving living, so to get you in the mindset check out some key pieces from our range…


Under Sofa Bed Drawer (for 2-Seater)









3 Tier Oak Coffee Table









Betsy Table









Oak Desk









Oak Folding Chair