Small but perfectly formed – How to create a spacious bathroom

The bathroom can be an awkward space to work with at the best of times – not least because the UK has the smallest bathrooms in Europe. Our modern lifestyle has also made the bathroom more than just a space where we clean. We want it to be a place of sanctuary where we can also refresh and relax – whether it be first thing in the morning when jumping into the shower to kick-start our day, or at the end of a long working week when indulging ourselves in a long hot soak.

Hot off the press last week is the release of the Best of Houzz 2022. The online platform has seen “a rise in the popularity of luxurious wash spaces” where “homeowners are keen to incorporate a relaxing bath and a substantial shower in their bathrooms, as well as some character”.

It all sounds great, but what if we don’t have the luxury of a big bathroom? And how do we make a small bathroom feel bigger? Without a doubt, lack of storage is a common bugbear for many of us. That said, there are many smart and cost-effective ways to tackle the issue while making the space look as beautiful as it is practical. Need a helping hand? Here are our top tips to help you make the most of your bathroom and optimise every inch of it.

Small but mighty

Less mess means more space. Avoid unnecessary clutter by keeping your toiletries on display to the minimum. How? Let’s start with a trug tidy. This stylish yet practical gem gives little bits and bobs an instant home with no hassle. Otherwise, try a hook rail which is easy to install with zero footprint, or a bath bridge for holding soap, shaving foam – and the odd cheeky glass of vino!

Not enough? Caddies, or slim columns, are the ultimate bathroom companions to keep toiletries and pampering treats all in one place. Simple!

It’s a true “basket” case

Wave goodbye to clutter and say hello to some quality me-time. Baskets are great for (almost) everything, especially tidying away surplus toiletries and towels. Available in various sizes, shapes and materials, baskets also help inject colour and texture into the room in no time.

Jute and seagrass are naturally durable and versatile enough to complement any décor, while metal wire is sturdy and works well for an industrial look.

Smart thinking

Want something cleverly designed? Treat yourself to our Emma bathroom cabinet, a true multitasker. Not only does it keep towels (and those unsightly loo rolls) out of sight, it also brightens the room by bouncing light around to create the illusion of space – thanks to its humble mirrored door.

Alternatively, leaning valets and shelves are your go-tos. They take up very little room with no fixings (and DIY experience) required.

Look on the bright side

Amp up the ambience with understated wall lights. Those that give a subtle, warm glow are ideal as they help soften the space while creating a relaxing vibe. Fancy a home spa? You can’t beat good-quality, scented candles. A soothing scent can instantly make the surroundings feel cosier – and lighter – with that zen-like feeling.

White is not the only answer

Don’t play it by the book. Be daring and explore new colours that you might never have considered before. Calming hues – from dove grey to soft green, cool blue to muted pink – can lighten the space and make it feel welcoming.

The finishing touch

Keep your bathroom spick-and-span with a handy bathroom set. They provide great practicality for your everyday essentials, leaving you more time to chill and less time to get messy. Struggle to find a place to hang your towels? Our birch gate towel rack is the answer. It’s easy to fold up and move around – in and out of the bathroom as you please.

The secret to a spacious bathroom? Go light and avoid clutter as much as possible. Maximise the space by using clever storage and practical accessories that do the job! Colour is key to setting the tone and mood – and so is the right lighting. And if you follow our tips, you’re off to a good start to creating a space that’s anything but small.