Showing Your True Colours…With Yellow


Colour, according to colour-therapists, can affect our emotions, mood, and possibly even our health. So when it comes to decorating and accessorising your home, the shades you choose have the power to affect how you feel. In this week’s Spotlight blog we focus on yellow, taking inspiration from the team at as well as other experts in the field on decorating and accessorising with colour.


“Few colours are as good at projecting luminosity and sunny warmth,” says Elle Decoration. Describing it as “the workhorse of the colour world” yellow projects optimism and confidence. Its welcoming nature makes it ideal for entrance halls, and it is “fresh with white; bold with greys, blacks and blues; and opulent with shades of purple.” Says Elle Decoration, “the vast array of [yellow] hues available mean it is possible to create a spectrum of different moods with just this colour. Muted, golden shades can feel timelessly elegant, while splashes of yellow signal sharp modernity.”

Futon Company says:  A splash of yellow in your home can lighten the mood in even the smallest space. Feeling inspired? Check out our mood enhancing yellows to inject modernity into your home…

GG Shelf by Nell Beale












Demoiselle Low by Nell Beale











Dogs Cushion











Softmod Side Table by John Weaver