Showing Your True Colours…With White


In our final Spotlight blog on colour we take a look at decorating with white, focusing on its impact in and around the home, taking tips from the team at as well as other experts in the field of decorating with colour.


When it comes to decorating with white, there’s a common misconception that it’s the easiest colour to work with.  However, “this pure, bright hue is not as easy…as you’d imagine,” say the experts.  Associated with cleanliness and purity, white can also become stark, bland, high maintenance or corporate.  The tricky part, according to the team at Elle Decoration, is finding the right white.  What’s more, they say, “this is no mean feat when every paint company on earth boasts more shades of white than any other colour, [claiming] each one will transform when placed in different lights and next to other colours.”  The secret to picking a white that complements your home, they say, is to match the undertones to the other colours in the room, or picking something neither too cool nor too warm.  “A well chosen white will make a palette sing.”

Futon Company says:  If colour’s more your thing there are still clever ways to introduce white into your home.  Whether it’s a white skirting, a whitewashed door frame or white furniture or storage, there are plenty of opportunities to add a splash of white to your home…

White Dome Floor Lamp










White Cabinet Storage Box











White Ladder Shelf










White Ladder Boxes