Showing Your True Colours… With Orange


According to colour-therapists, colour can affect our mood, emotions and possibly even our health. So when it comes to decorating and accessorising your home, the shades you choose have the power to affect how you feel. In our new Spotlight blog we’ll be focusing on a colour each week, taking inspiration from the team at as well as other experts in the field on decorating with colour.

“Attention-seeker by nature:  use with confidence and it can make a room sing.”

That’s the verdict on orange, according to Elle Decoration. Taking its name from the fruit as early as the 16th century, orange is “by nature a brash and eye-catching attention seeker.” But this ‘look at me’ quality, which makes it so useful in road warning signs and brand logos, can put people off using it in the home. But this isn’t fair. When used with confidence in a carefully considered scheme, orange can make a room sing.” However, use with caution. Too much can easily turn your room into the equivalent of an Easyjet lounge. Elle Decoration advises that fully saturated shades work well as accents for black and white, while a mid-century aesthetic can be achieved by pairing with deep blues and dusty greens.

Futon Company says: Fancy bringing a splash of orange into your home? We have just the thing to make your space sing…


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