Showing Your True Colours… With Indigo


In this week’s Spotlight blog we focus on the colour indigo, inspired by the team at as well as other experts in the field of decorating and accessorising with colour.

Colour, they say, can impact on all aspects of our life including mood, emotion and health.  So when it comes to decorating and accessorising your home, the shades you choose have the power to affect how you feel


Indigo has its roots in fashion, and in days gone by was a traditional workday hero used in military uniforms, simply because it was cheap and didn’t fade.  Today, indigo is an unsung hero – the dye favoured for that classic staple, blue jeans.  Thanks to its heritage, indigo often feels warm, welcoming and dependable.  However, according to the experts it can also be transportative.

“Deep, naval shades, when paired with white and picked out with dashes of red, conjure a brisk ozonic whiff of maritime air.  With white it will feel smart and formal, but can also be used to create graphic effects.  Teamed with orange, yellow or green it can be modern, daring and playful.  Like other blues, indigo can create an illusion of receding into the background, which is why it is beloved by galleries, which use it to make paintings stand out.  It’s easy to use the same trick in your home.”

Futon Company says:  Despite its widespread use in fashion, indigo can often feel like an unsung hero in and around the home.  If a bold block of indigo feels too imposing, why not consider small splashes, introducing shades and hues throughout your home.  Check out our inspiring indigo to bring a transportative feel to your space…


Titch Single Seat Blueberry









Demoiselle Low by Nell Beale











Limited Edition Print by Rennie Pilgrem – Swan











GG Shelf for Nell Beale (Indigo)