Showing Your True Colours… With Green


In this week’s Spotlight blog we focus on green, taking inspiration from the team at as well as other experts in the field on decorating and accessorising with colour. Colour, according to colour-therapists, can affect our emotions, mood, and possibly even our health.  So when it comes to decorating and accessorising your home, the shades you choose have the power to affect how you feel.



“Representing growth, greens are positive and redolent of healthy living,” says Elle Decoration.  Symbolically, they say, this colour is associated with luck, money, regeneration and cleanliness.  For city dwellers, green also evokes pastoral landscapes beyond the urban limits.  Pale greens are synonymous with Georgian architectural taste while Victorians favoured deeper tones.  In the 1970s “everything from kitchen cupboards to macramé wall hangings was saturated with avocado hues.”  However, it’s artist Wassily Kandinsky who best sums up the mood of green:  “Absolute green is the most restful colour, lacking any undertone of joy, grief or passion.”

Futon Company says:  A hint of green in and around your home can inject a feeling of calm.  What’s more, even in the city, green needn’t be restricted – there’s plenty of this calming colour to go around for everyone, whether your dwelling is a city pad or a country house.  Check out our range of relaxing greens to bring a sense of calm into your home…


Linear 2 Seater Birch Double Sofa Bed in Green











Cactus Cushion












SB04-3 Table Small with Green Legs












SB03-4 Rocker