Showing Your True Colours…With Black


In our Spotlight blog we regularly focus on a different colour and its impact on the home, taking inspiration from the team at as well as other experts in the field on decorating with colour.

According to colour-therapists, colour can affect our mood and emotions. So when it comes to decorating and accessorising your home, the shades you choose have the power to affect how you feel.


“Far from being satanic or gloomy, black can be comforting and restful.” That’s the verdict on black in the home, according to Elle Decoration. While the colour’s spiritual associations are bleak – think witchcraft, depression and fear – black has a positive reputation from a visual perspective, especially for clothing and the home. Says Elle Decoration, “for traditionalists, using black in the home is nothing new. Applied with a light touch, black details such as iron curtain rails and lamps act like punctuation marks, preventing a largely pale room from looking bland.” The new trend for painting entire rooms charcoal is a relatively new phenomenon (thanks to lighting improvements) and as the experts say, “with clever lighting and an ever-growing range of shades on offer, it’s never been easier to go to the dark side.”

Futon Company says: Whether you embrace your dark side in full or just a little, we have just the thing to introduce black details into your home…

Loop Mini by Nell Beale










Limited Edition Print by Rennie Pilgrem: Barn











Shells Autumn Cushion Cover