Shine a light on small space living

The team at Futon Company are the equivalent of ‘interiors meerkats’ – always alert and on the lookout for top tips and advice! As experts in small space living we’re always keen to learn more about how to make the most of the space available in our homes.

So we were pleased to come across an article by Elle Decoration’s Amy Bradford, on how to make a small space feel inviting. Here’s what she says:

Whatever its size, give any home a sense of lightness and comfort with these easy-to-follow tips:

* Don’t fight the size: A tiny apartment is never going to look big, no matter what tricks you play, so aim for cosy instead by zoning small areas into gallery kitchens or cabin bedrooms.
* Keep rooms open: Invest in furniture you don’t mind seeing all the time.
* Stick to one main colour: Painting the walls (and in some cases furniture and built in shelving) the same colour can stop any areas from feeling disjointed.
* Include mirrored surfaces: These will bounce light around. This can include things like window surrounds, bathroom walls and coffee tables.

Futon Company says: In a small space, for example a studio apartment or a tiny one-bedroom place, it is often the case that spaces are rarely shut away, so the furniture and accessories you own might be on display most or all of the time. With this in mind, it’s important – as Amy says – to only buy things you love.

Shake things up regularly by investing in new accessories – picture frames, objects and cushions can all help to keep things fresh without breaking the bank (though a comfy statement chair from which to ponder your new purchases could also be a wise investment!).


Wooden Finish Rhino Head


Pig Money Bank


Carousel Upholstered Chair