Sew the Seeds for a More Relaxed Life


As Masters in the Art of Relaxation, here at Futon Company we love anything that helps us kick back and chill out – but sometimes we need a bit of help to get us in the mood.

Bloomsbury’s The School of Life is full of smart and savvy ideas on a wide range of topics as well as being “devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture.” So we especially enjoyed a recent post from them focusing on the importance of flowers and seeds for cultivating mental health (and encouraging a relaxed mind, we’d suggest). They suggest planting seeds to encourage self growth. What’s more, it’s a well-known fact that being immersed in nature goes hand in hand with a relaxed mind. And if it’s character you want to cultivate, the School of Life has plenty of suggestions on which seeds to sew to encourage self-growth. They say…

*For Imagination plant Poppy – The world today is a pale shade of its future self, the poppy should remind you to envisage a brighter future
*For Love plant Aster – Aster reflects both love and loss. It should remind you to let go of what you want from love and focus on loving others
*For Hope plant Ox-Eye Daisy – The beautifully simple face of a daisy connotes childlike innocence and hope, a value to be coveted in a sceptical world
*For Remembrance plant Rosemary – Hamlet’s Ophelia used rosemary to remember the dead. You can use this fragrant herb to remember the virtuous qualities of your lost loved ones
*For Wisdom plant Sage – In ancient Greece, a sage was someone who had obtained a philosopher’s wisdom. Use sage to achieve philosophical maturity
*For Courage plant Thyme – With its name coming from the classical Greek Thymos meaning bold spirit or energetic drive, thyme can be used as a reminder of the rewards of taking risks

But if it’s simply relaxation that’s on your mind, we’ve got plenty of ideas for cultivating stillness and a chilled out state that require very little effort beyond deciding where to place the cushion for your head. What’s more, these sofabeds are perfectly designed for space saving living…

Horizon Sofa Bed










Cosy Sofa Bed










Cocoon Sofa Bed










Titch Single Seater