Say Farewell to Grey Days Forever

It’s summer holiday season: that’s official! So while you’re lounging on your lounger and daydreaming your days away, cast your mind forward a month or two… to the end of summer (sorry!) We’ve grown accustomed to the sunny days – the bright orange sun and the appealing bright blue sky… so much so that a grey day seems a long way away!

Keep the summer spirit alive forever by bringing it into your home, and say farewell to grey days forever!

Inspired by the August issue of Red Magazine (, journalist Pip McCormac inspired us to embrace all things bright with his article step away from the grey. “It just takes a little colour confidence to have you feeling bright at home,” says Pip. His premise is that strong colours can be uplifting (much like the summer weather we’ve been experiencing lately, says Futon Company). Describing colour around the home as “serotonin for the soul”, we check out Red Magazine’s top tips that will empower you to say farewell to grey days forever…

• Choose colours that have the same ‘weight’: By this they mean depth, for example two dark colours go together and two pale ones do, but don’t put a dark red next to a pale blue
• Think of your home life as it’s an outfit: Layer your look like you’re adding fashion accessories, using one colour with just two accents running through
• Let pattern be your neutral: Soft patterns like stripes can actually be very calming. It’s geometric patterns that are louder so stick to just one style. Pattern gives a room character. Like bold colours they make a space feel alive
• Dare to contrast: Yellows and greens contrast but complement one another so you can pair them
• Go big and modern: You don’t need to paint a whole room in a bold colour. Just paint one wall. Leave the ceiling bright white and paint the skirting the same colour as the wall to add a feeling of height

Futon Company says: Pops of colour can work well in a small space, adding interest and warmth. Think colourful accessories and small but portable pieces of coloured furniture that can easily be moved from room to room or space to space – guaranteed to banish grey days forever!

Versailles Baskets

Laptop Table

Legge Wotnot Table by John Weaver