Rub a dub dub


Bathing rituals around the world are a complex issue. The Finns – according to – are fans of “ice bathing in freezing cold lakes; they say it helps burn off the layer of fat built up during the cold season”. Meanwhile Scandinavian customs suggest “following a hot bath or steam session with an ice cold shower that will close the pores, stimulate circulation and release mood-boosting endorphins.”

Here at Futon Company we’re big fans of a warm relaxing soak with a nice cosy dressing gown to wrap up in afterwards. And if it’s basic bathing you’re after, Futon Company has just the tools to create your haven…


Bamboo White Corner Shelf

bamboo white corner shelf











Bathroom 3-Tier Tower

bathroom 3 tier tower











Fleece Bathrobe With Hoody

fleece bathrobe with hoodie











Cosmetic Wash Bag Chameleon

cosmetic bag chameleon