R&R solutions for human hibernation season

It’s the end of January, the days are short and chilly and we’re deep, deep, deep into mid-winter. But rather than feeling gloomy we’re loving the hunkering down feeling that’s all around us right now. Rather like the hedgehogs, bats, butterflies and bees who hibernate in winter (yes, we had to google this to check we had our facts correct!) and with many of us still WFH and spending so much time in our homes, it feels like we’re also hibernating!
And, it seems, human hibernation might be a bit of a thing – or at least a version of it is according to Sunday Times Style magazine. In a back issue, its Style Barometer page said: What the heck is radical resting? A wellness trend that we can actually get behind: resting. In his book Radical Rest: Get More Done by Doing Less, the NHS nurse and holistic coach Richard Lister argues that resting in a more mindful way will ultimately make us more productive. So, rather than falling asleep in front of Come Dine With Me, we should be trying more intentional forms of rest, such as yoga nidra (a form of yoga that is like having a guided nap), and taking the time to get rid of any negative associations we have about rest, such as laziness or fomo. Sounds ideal right about now!
Futon Company says: Radical resting aka human hibernation sounds right up our street! To our mind there are lots of ways to do this including sleep, yoga, jigsaws, reading, Netflix binge or wu wei (the art of doing nothing – another trend we recently came across). Bring it on!! And to get you on your way, check out our home space aids to give you an added boost….

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Hedgehogs Embroidered Cushion and Cover

Velvet Quilted Summer Sleeping Bag