RIP the stand-alone dining room. All hail the multi-space!

In days gone by, a stand-alone dining room was viewed as a must-have for any aspiring homeowner. But now, it seems the dining room is out of favour as more of us prefer an integrated kitchen/dining room/living space.

Indeed, a survey from One Poll on, revealed that only 52% of Brits consider a dining room a necessity, with TV and kitchen dinners more popular than ever. What’s more, it’s a sentiment shared by TV cook Mary Berry who, at the Cheltenham Festival last year, revealed that she only uses her dining room for special occasions and Christmas.

With house sizes diminishing and spaces getting gradually smaller, it’s no surprise that a multi-functional living space is becoming the norm, as well as increasing in popularity.

Says Futon Company: For people living in cities, it’s often a reality that space is more limited due to rooms and furniture needing to serve more than one function. Multi-space living, where one room acts as a place to eat, relax, work and possibly sleep, is a reality for many of us, so it’s important that the furniture and accessories we buy work hard. Think lightweight furniture that can be easily moved around as the space changes function – stash-away beds for overnight guests, small lamps to create an atmosphere, and dual function desks/tables/dressing tables.

RIP the stand-alone dining room, all hail the multi-space!


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Zip Up Bed


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