Producer DJ Rennie Pilgrem. picture by Clive Tagg.

Today we talk to Artist/ Printmaker Rennie Pilgrem about his newest project for Futon Company Design Masters…

Explain your approach to design
I am drawn to doing artworks that are influenced by graphics and subject matter that is different to the environment I work and live in….(London). Although a lot of my work is ‘digital’ I try to give it ‘soul’.

What do you love about being a designer?
I like to ‘create’. And then I like to take what I have created and try and take it one step further and give it a twist.

Tell us about your product design for Futon Company

For Design Masters I have created a series of Limited Edition Giclee prints, influenced by imagined, barren, grainy landscapes with barns, isolated trees and other subjects.

When designing for a small space how do you approach it?
I produce artworks that hang on the wall so I don’t have to make any special decisions regarding space other than the space I use within the artwork.

Give us a space saving tip
Be militant about getting rid of stuff you don’t need/use/enjoy anymore.

Any thoughts on sofabeds?
I think Sofabeds epitomise the art of space-saving…… they are essentially two pieces of furniture in one. My most memorable experience with a Sofabed is a follows…..
Many years ago, recording music with a friend in his studio/home in Los Angeles and suffering from jet-lag I declared myself ready for bed. My friend made ready my sofabed and then proceeded to examine it very carefully with a torch explaining a recent problem with spiders. Explaining that I grew-up in deepest Kent and that I was used to spiders, he told me that these were Black-Widows. Not the best night sleep I’ve ever had!

Join us for the launch of Design Masters at Futon Company, Tottenham Court Road on Thursday 13th March 2014 from 6-9pm