Ramp up the Rituals for the Cosy Season


Tucking into the January 2017 issue of Elle Decoration we were delighted to come across Ritual Pleasures in the issue’s Winter Warmers section. A feature dedicated purely to the pursuit of pleasure, this appealed to us immensely, enthralled as we are by the cosy season and its associated rituals.

Says Elle Decoration, “As the season of slowing down and heading home to hibernate is upon us, take the opportunity to revive one of these luxury pastimes…”

Elle Decoration says…

Breakfast in Bed

“Long before it became the preserve of the cosseted aristocracy, breakfast in bed was the normal way to start the day,” says Heather Arndt Anderson, author of ‘Breakfast: A History’. “Think possets of ale, tea and toast.” Today’s breakfast, according to research by cutlery specialist Robert Welch is overwhelmingly fast and furious, with 10 minutes the average time to eat breakfast. With this in mind, Elle Decoration is calling on breakfast lovers across the nation to reclaim breakfast and “Give this time-honoured tradition a modern makeover, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, and reap the benefits of a day started slowly.”


Taking Tea

“Since its origins as a medicinal tonic in China over 3,000 years ago, tea has become the most popular drink in the world after water…. Embrace the leaves, a proper pot, a strainer and porcelain cups and saucers.”


Cocktail Hour

With pop-up bars and old fashioned pubs ten a penny on every high street across the country, it’s easy to forget the pleasures of a decadent cocktail. Says Elle Decoration “What one needs is some kind of a party that starts at half past five… at which alcohol is served but not too much food… And voila, cocktail hour is born.”


Futon Company says: Count us in! These ritual pleasures are high on our tick list this Christmas and for the duration of the cosy season. What’s more, they are perfectly suitable for any sized space, and especially ideal for small space living. To get you in the mood, we have a couple of rituals of our own to add to the list…


Film ‘Feastival’

When it’s dark outside and there’s no other place you need to be, it’s time to grab a cosy blanket, a soft pillow, subscribe to Netflix and hunker down for a fabulous film ‘feastival’. Surround yourself with scrumptious food and drink, slip into your favourite PJs and relax. In fact, the only decision you’ll need to make is which films to watch!


Slumber Party

During the Christmas holidays there’s time aplenty. So what better way to celebrate your new found freedom than with a slumber party for your closest friends! Think cocktails, breakfast in bed, taking tea and a film feast… What’s not to love! So what are you waiting for? Ramp up the rituals for the cosy season and Happy Christmas!


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