We’ve all seen them and thought “what are they trying to achieve?”. You know, the rooms that have so many cushions in them that the item of furniture they are trying to decorate becomes lost in a sea of padded softness! says shiftbydesign.  Styling a property is all about using colour, tone and texture to the best effect to create a space buyers love, but there are times when people go too far and completely overdo it. We use pillows to amplify a colour selection for a room or to reflect seasons. They round out a piece of furniture such as a chair, sofa or bed and help people envisage a lifestyle in the property through soft furnishing. But how do you use cushions and how many is too many?

How many is too many? Well the obvious answer is if you cannot use the piece of furniture due to the overload of pillow placement, you need to step away. Overloading a space and not leaving room for living on the furniture is breaking one of the cardinal rules. You need to compliment the piece of furniture you are adorning, but not overwhelm it. Symmetry is important, but so is an injection of texture and tone from complimentary cushions. You need not go for 5 of the same cushions to style a sofa as it will look bland and uninteresting, but creating a diverse look that draws in feature colours from around the room will assist in theming it. Matching it to artwork, wall colours or accessories creates a welcoming flow in the room. With sofas in general, odd numbers work better than evens. Be mindful not to use cushions that match the sofa or linen identically, create more interest by going a few tones up or down the colour spectrum to set them apart. Cushions break down hard modern lines in a contemporary home but also add life to older darker properties. Beds in particular can be overwhelmed by the unnecessary accumulation of cushions. A bed needs to look inviting, but if you have a stack of cushions and pillows that almost touch the end of the bed, you will need to head to bed an hour early to remove the items before you can get in it. It’s not realistic so avoid this look completely. Softer, more neutral cushions work better in the bedroom creating a more relaxing and romantic feel.

The big tip for home sellers buying up cushions is don’t buy cheap, badly filled cushions, they will never sit right or look plump and inviting. Avoid at all costs giving the cushion the karate chop cat’s ears look by walloping the cushion in the top centre, it just looks plain weird. Use cushions wisely people, don’t abuse them!

Futon Company says:  Look through magazines, blogs and websites for inspiration on how to style your space using cushions.  Ultimately a cushion serves two functions; one of comfort and the other of style.  If it’s good to rest your head on and it looks nice too, who are we to argue!