Pop a little colour into your space

We’re fast approaching winter fatigue! Short days and long nights coupled with a distinct lack of colour outside is leaving us longing for an injection of something bright! So to lift our mood we took to one of our favourite pastimes – flicking through old back issues of Elle Decoration, and we came across an appropriate and thought-provoking Forward from the magazine’s Executive Editor, Ben Spriggs – talking about colour funnily enough.

He says: “Colour informs every area of our lives. From red ‘Stop’ signs to flashing blue police sirens, green traffic lights to blinking yellow Belisha beacons, our reactions to the colours we come into contact with on a daily basis are often instinctive and emotive; something we don’t even have to think about. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when it comes to combining shades ourselves – whether it’s deciding what to wear, or, more crucially, decorating our homes, working out what could or should go together is often a tricky decision.”

Futon Company says: Ben touches on some interesting concepts, especially given that we’re in the middle of one of the least colourful seasons. In these dark winter months colour is something that’s in short supply outside of the home so it’s often the case that our minds turn inwards and come up with interesting and powerful ways to bring pops of colour into your space. Check out our range our colourful home accessories – each and every one is sure to leave you tickled pink (sorry – couldn’t resist!). Hang in there – spring’s on its way!

Beach Deck Chair Print Cushion

See Rose Faux Plant

Lorient Basket

Laptop Table

Jute Door Mat