Pick your design tribe

What with talk of Megxit and Brexit (still) dominating the headlines, it’s all about extremes in the UK right now. And, it seems, this extends to home interiors trends! According to journalist Clare Sartin writing in the February 2020 edition of Elle Decoration, there’s an emergence of two very different design tribes for spring summer 2020 – the Maximalists, who believe that colour, pattern and a bold approach are the secret to happiness, and those with a more meditative aesthetic, using natural materials and neutral colours. It’s a simple choice, either embrace the chaos or cultivate your own calm.

Futon Company says: Whether you favour a space that’s full to the brim with pattern, colour, texture and clutter or plump for a more understated and muted interior there’s one trend that’s consistent – your home is your sanctuary so you get to decide what fills you with joy. The home as haven is not a new concept, but against this backdrop of [seemingly never-ending] uncertainty it’s more important than ever to have a peaceful place for rest and relaxation. And this includes surrounding yourself with items that fill you with joy as well as hand-picked pieces that serve a practical function. The only question is which design tribe do you belong to?

Velvet Sweet Pea Print Cushion & Cover

Velvet Poppies & Daisies Print Cushion & Cover

Mimas Porcelain Lamp Shade

Lapin Bedspread

Sunset Desk