Perfect The Art of Being Cosy


Here at Futon Company, we’re big lovers of Danish design. In fact, we’re fully-fledged fans of all things Danish! So leafing through the weekend papers we were excited to learn a new Danish word – Hygge. It’s a Danish adjective which means to be cosy, warm and comfortable.

Says Notebook, “We love their bacon, their pastries, their movie with Eddie Redmayne… but what we love most about the Danish at the moment is this idea. Hygge literally means ‘cosy’ or ‘wellbeing’ – but it’s more of a feeling, and it’s something the Danes actively embrace in the long, cold, dark winters when they only see sunlight for about six hours. Instead of moaning about the weather and being too fat after Christmas, they create a lovely atmosphere by lighting candles, enjoying hearty food, snuggling up and staying in with family and friends. Is that why the Danes are the happiest people in the world?”

Futon Company says: Being cosy is something close to our hearts, and it’s a concept you can create in any room of your home. What’s more, Hygge is best achieved in small spaces because small = cosy, right? Bring Hygge into your home and embrace small space living with Futon Company…

Nordic Knit Bedspread








Faux Sheepskin Cushion Cover










SB03-4 Rocker










Birds Porcelain Lamp