Pearls from the junk drawer

Browsing the internet one weekend we came across a handy blog called Junk Drawer Wisdom: What to Keep, What to Toss, and How to Keep It Organised by Fan Winston, April 10, 2019.

As the title suggests, this inspiring piece offers wise words around the neglected topic of the junk drawer. Says Winston: This idea – that we all need a tiny section in our home that doesn’t require upkeep and allows us to give in to our inner hoarder – has always appealled to me. It’s the one space where I get to let go and not be uptight about neatness.

She goes on to explain, however, that at one point even her junk drawer got out of control so she couldn’t remember what was in there in the first place – hence, the basis of her Blog to figure out another way, a better way to junk drawer.

Here we highlight some of her pertinent pointers:

  • Don’t think of it as a junk drawer: Instead she tells us to label it miscellaneous to store random essentials rather than junk that literally belongs in the bin.
  • Put limits on what goes in there: If what you’re tempted to store is kitchen or office related there’s probably a better spot to store it. Here’s what she stores in hers: batteries, scissors, tape, measuring tape, string, rubber bands, torch, matches, candles, sharpies.
  • Ban paper from your junk drawer: Things like menus, manuals, coupons, maps etc will get lost and forgotten.
  • Don’t get hung up on drawer organisers: Old jewellery and stationery boxes and little dishes can hold various junk drawer items

Futon Company says: What an inspiring blog to remind us that even the smallest of spaces needs somewhere to stash your stuff. It could be a drawer, it could be a cupboard, it could be a box or even a hook. Whatever your preference there’s something for all shapes and sizes….All hail the junk drawer!

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