Out with the new!

The shortest day may have been and gone but it’s still a while before spring arrives. In the spirit of a resilient mindset (what other way is there during this blasted virus!) there’s still every reason to celebrate the great outdoors. And if on-off lockdowns are to continue being part of our new normal, we need to embrace being outside in every weather. So Style Magazine’s feature Take It Outdoors really struck a chord with us! It says: Candles, mismatched chairs and wild foliage: make dinner at home extra special or plan ahead for garden gatherings with tips from the new hostfluencers. We’ve selected our favourite tips:

• Decorate with food: If you’re short on time or budget, decorating your table with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs is a great option as you can use the ingredients afterwards. Fresh citrus or pomegranates mixed with some greenery and herbs always looks wonderful, says Lisa Lafferty, Hollywood event planner
• Go for a walk for décor inspiration, says London artist and designer Bell Hurley. I love foraging wild shrubs, flowers and vines and using them to customise the name cards on a menu – sticking a small flower in the centre of a menu or tying a leaf onto a name card with a string, for example
• Candles always: For me, candles are everything, says author Guendalina Litta. Placing them in front of mirrors creates a great ambience. I love floating candles too: put them in a large glass bowl or vase with water and display on or around the table. When using large or tall candles, always light them a few days before your event – they look so much nicer when they are slightly worn and used, rather than a new, just-lit flame
• Firepit: Most of us are staring down the barrel of a British winter spent primarily outdoors, so it’s time to get realistic…. A firepit – which provides the atmosphere of 50 Diptyque candles and the blasting warmth of six radiators – is the key to hosting, well, anything between December and April. Whether your vibe is cashmere and toasted marshmallows or vodka cocktails at Burning Man, guests will flock to the flames. An added bonus is that everyone looks good by firelight, so your Instagrams will be off the charts, even if it’s just you and the dog

Futon Company says: Whether your outside space is a sprawling lawn, a compact deck, a bijou balcony or a Juliet window, there’s plenty of opportunity to embrace outdoor entertaining. Simply wrap up warm, throw a blanket over you, grab a mug of something warm and hey presto, you’re living the Scandi dream! PS Happy New Year!!

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