Out Of The Box Ideas For Small Spaces

Always on the hunt for inspiring ideas and space savvy tips, we came across this fabulous blog, 4 Unconventional Storage Ideas To Steal From a Sculptor’s House in Maine
The sculptor’s home, at just 600 square feet, was designed “with tightness and warmth in mind” which, according to blog author, “required inventive found storage and artful built-ins.”
Here’s a snapshot of some ideas we love:
• Use shelves as multitaskers: In a small space, apartment, or open living area, use shelves to create a sense of separation as well as extra storage. In this case, the homeowner created a division between the main living/dining room and the kitchen, building exposed shelves that double as a place to display favourite ceramics and objects
• Look for unused spaces: Carve out storage in unexpected places. In this case, the homeowner noticed unused space in the sunken kitchen, underneath the living/dining room floor, and created a recessed niche just deep enough for jars of spices and dry goods
• Repurpose unexpected objects: This homeowner used a concrete breeze block as a bedside table, for example
• Think creatively about awkward spaces: In this instance, the homeowner installed copper pipes suspended with ropes to serve as clothing storage. The result is a quasi-closet that is both artful and practical, and that transforms an awkward small space (under the room’s steeply sloped eaves) into something useful.

Futon Company says: This blog is inspired. Such simple but such effective and out of the box ideas for making the most of small space living. We love the idea of making the most of unused spaces and turning awkward corners into handy storage by adding a shelf or hook. Inspired!

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