Optical Illusions

optical illusino wallpaper

Here at Futon Company we love’s post No Fail Design Tricks: How To Make Any Room Feel More Spacious. With inspiring photography from US interiors photographer Adrienne Breaux, it offers an intriguing mix of aspirational spaces and hands-on practical advice for making the most of small space living. With a focus on “trick[ing] your eye and fool[ing] your mind into thinking you have more space than you do,” who are we to argue!’s hints for making a room look and feel bigger than it is:

• “Make a very large surface reflective… take over an entire surface with reflective materials. That could be one huge, oversized mirror on a wall, or getting creative with smaller mirrors to fill a wall” Spotted by on Design*Sponge via The Inspired Room
• “Keep it smooth… tabletops and counters should be clutter free… Consider cutting down on the amount of decorative elements sticking out”
• “Make it monochromatic… If you want to make a room feel more spacious, stick to one or two colours (or similar shades of the same hue)… layer objects… and textiles.”
• “Blend…Erin Williamson of Design Crisis on tells us to “reduce the visual weight of certain heavy, imposing objects in a space… So paint chunky furniture the same colour as your walls… Make heaviness and clutter blend then disappear”

Futon Company says: “We love’s ideas. To our mind, these clever optical illusions are all about embracing small spaces and working with them. Futon Company has lots of products and dual function products which are designed to embrace space saving living…

Oak Long Mirror

oak long mirror








Robot Side Table

robot side table








Bamboo Folding Wardrobe

bamboo folding wardrobe








Oak Veneer Infinity Shelf

oak veneer infinity shelf