One Room Fits All…


“One room fits all”, according to interior designer and owner of vintage boutique Lynda Gardener (featured in Grazia Magazine, August 17th 2015). And according to Grazia writer Rachel Loos “[her] single-room studio may be small but it’s packed full of great ideas to steal.” We investigate, to gain style-steals and inspiration for small space living…

Grazia says: Lynda lives “in Fitzroy North, a buzzy suburb of Melbourne. [She] converted a former garage at the back of her house to create [a] one bedroom studio which she rents out [ It’s tiny but we could quite happily live here…” Top tips include:

• Create a collection of photos on the wall, mixing people and landscapes in black and white and sepia. The trick with arrangements is to start with the largest and build around it
• An easy way to give a bedroom a luxurious feel is to pile on the bedding in lots of different textures, especially cotton and linen – keep the sheets crumpled for a relaxed, tousled feel. You can use darker cushions to create an instant headboard, by putting them behind paler ones
• In the kitchen consider a non-kitchen kitchen. Pictures can really make a difference when making a room look less clinical. A stainless steel trolley gives extra storage space, and vintage photos and a table lamp create a living-space feel
• Keep a small space airy and bright with monochrome and metal

If Lynda’s hints and ideas for small space living make you feel inspired, check out some of Futon Company’s space saving furniture to help maximise the space in your home…

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