Today we talk to furniture designer and cabinet maker Ollie Clark, the innovator behind the Futon Company Design Masters Altar Table.

Ollie Clark Bio Pic

Explain your approach to design
A designer and cabinet maker, I specialise in creating fitted furniture for awkward spaces.

What do you love about being a designer?
To me, design is about junctions, how things meet, the possibilities are endless.

Tell us about your product designs for Futon Company
The Altar table started as a graphic exercise in type, inspired by the chisel marks carpenters make to label components. These marks have been used for hundreds of years.
I like the romance of that idea, to take these ancient marks and reinvent them in a contemporary way.
The design is slim, designed for a hallway. There are two secret drawers each end for keys, coins etc.

Give us a space saving tip.
The first step is to get rid of ‘stuff’: start with Ugly ‘stuff’ then move onto pointless ‘stuff,’ and finally identify stuff that isn’t actually stuff at all, but is ‘rubbish’ pretending to be ‘stuff’.

What are your thoughts on sofabeds?
My fondest memory of a futon sofa bed, was a spontaneous trip with my wife in my old VW transporter van. We grabbed the futon mattress chucked it in the back and we were off. Packing for the whole trip took 5 minutes.

See Design Masters products in-store at Futon Company, Tottenham Court Road