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Here at Futon Company we always keep our eyes, ears and minds open for new trends, ingenious ideas and clever ways to de-stress and relax. So Grazia magazine’s ( fabulous article Time To Go Way Out featured in the 16th November 2015 issue really captured our imagination. Focusing on the link between emotional and physical well-being, writer Liz Hambleton road-tested five alternative therapies. Here’s Hambleton’s topline low-down of the most impressive techniques and therapies for nurturing your head space…

Dynamic astrology: Best for self motivation and dealing with personal dilemmas. “If the closest you’ve come to astrology is reading your horoscope, then you may baulk at the idea that it could have any significant impact on your decision-making process. According to dynamic astrologer and soul coach Carolyne Faulker, however, the placement of the planets at the moment you were born will have an influence on everything from the energy you’re attracted to in a partner, to the emotional struggles you’ll face in life.” Hambleton says you should expect to feel “fascinated and surprised. Carolyne will encourage you to look at things in a different way and by doing that you could find yourself in a more positive frame of mind.”

Reflexology: Best for addressing the effects of stress on the body. “I like to think of reflexology as a preventative medicine,” says reflexologist Andrea Hurst. “Regular treatment can deal with niggling issues before they lead to the kind of serious health complaints that require hospitalisation…Stress is where reflexology really comes into its own.” Hambleton says you should expect to feel “relaxed but aware of something shifting in your body. Feelings of warmth, tingling and twitching are fairly common…Oh, and you might feel a tad emotional.”

Reiki: Best for dealing with grief, anxiety or depression. “If life has given you what reiki master Susie Anthony describes as an ‘emotional brick wall’, then you’ll understand the feelings of panic, anxiety and hopelessness that often comes with it…Reiki works on an energetic and psychological level to help clear what is known as ‘blockage’. Using their own personal energy, the healer moves their hands up and down the body to release these energetic blockages and allow you to begin to heal emotionally – and often physically as well.” Hambleton says you should expect to feel “deeply relaxed. You may feel warmth in different areas as the treatment progresses and many people drift off into a semi-conscious sleep state knows as REM (rapid eye movement). Afterwards you’ll feel peaceful, rested and energised.”

Acupuncture: Best for getting to the root of stubborn skin issues. “There’s a strong relationship between stress and troublesome skin says acupuncturist and skincare guru Annee De Mamiel. They tend to feed each other, so dealing with one simply isn’t possible without dealing with the other. Acupuncture involves restoring the flow of qi (or life force).” Hambleton says you should expect to feel “calm. Needles are non-negotiable, however the ultra-fine acupuncture kind is nothing to worry about. Once they’re in, they’re in and you will feel nothing but zen. Your skin will thank you for it.”

Crystal healing: Best for improving overall health and emotional wellness. “It’s believed crystals act as conduits for healing and good health, allowing the good to go into the body and the bad to be taken away. Every crystal has a different property and during a typical crystal healing treatment you’ll have various stones placed on your head, throat, heart, chest, stomach and gut. Each will be put there for a specific reason based upon what you’ve told the practitioner.” Hambleton says you should expect to feel “everything and anything from calm and serene to intense emotion. Sometimes things have to get a little worse before they get better.”

Futon Company says: These alternative therapies really appeal to us and are definitely great ways to nurture your head space. But if you’re looking for a more low-key method of healing and relaxation we’re big fans of two very basic methods – sleep and sitting down. Whether it’s a full eight hours of shut-eye or a half-day lounging on the sofa, these are two wonderful ways to get some down time and inject some healing into your home and head. And whether you’re home is a small space or a large one there’s plenty of relaxation-enhancing furniture and accessories for everyone…

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