New trend alert!

It’s official (at least, according to The Sunday Times Style) – there’s a new home trend on the block! According to style aficionado Louisa McGillicuddly the latest big thing on Instagram is Japandi. She writes: Will you Japandi your home? That’s Japanese and Scandi. Interiors hypebeasts may have spotted the Japande aesthetic creeping on to the ‘gram of late…It makes sense for the fraught [times we are living in] – the look is all soothing pale wood, symmetrical lines, earthy colours and minimal clutter (Check out @japandi_design.)

Futon Company says: It’s great to read that our brand’s interiors aesthetic is super-popular right now! As the first company to bring the futon to the UK we like to think that we have a pretty good handle on the Japanese aesthetic of simple, uncluttered, functional living that works well in small spaces. But we’re equally focused on the Scandi aesthetic of pale woods, natural materials and modernist-inpsired design that’s got a Scandi vibe. Those two looks, mixed up with simple and affordable design that works especially well in small spaces, combined with textured home furnishing and the odd colour pop here and there to shake things up is a great summary of what we do. So in tribute to our (bang on trend) Japandi approach to style, we’ve picked out some of our favourite pieces (which are also yours according to the Japandi trend). All hail the ‘gram!

Folding Tatami Mat

Authentic Futon

Oak Wide Leaning Ladder Shelves

Arch Dressing Table

Rest Pocket Sofa