#MySpaceSavingTip Anniversary Winners


Back in April we launched #MySpaceSavingTip – a competition to celebrate 35 years of Futon Company bringing space saving furniture, accessories and ideas to the High Street. We asked Futon Company fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter to share their very own space saving tips and ideas, sharing handy hints and ideas.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their tips, comments and advice – we saw and heard interesting and clever ideas on how to make small spaces more organised and received some super pictures. Take a look at our winners….

Ernest Menville

Ernest Menville

“I’ve just moved into a tiny apartment so really enjoying making the space work. I’ve purchased a futon sofa bed for the living room, a great way to save space and it looks very stylish. Using foldable chairs that can hang on the wall out of the way, an old trunk that is full of my camera gear – on wheels so can move around. And high shelves above windows or doors add much needed storage as well as drawing your eye up the walls (makes the ceilings seem higher).”

Jamie Millard

Jamie Millard






“NEVER miss an opportunity to maximise storage space. Be strategic with your furniture buys and make sure there is some storage included. Like the handy storage dip in my coffee table…”

Lindsey Clark

Lindsey Clark








“#MySpaceSavingTip Get a Futon – a sofa and spare bed in one for last minute guests!…/oak-twingle-small…”

Kurt Debono

kurt debono

“Multifunctional storage + reading seat + additional kitchen worktop space: created a reading seat / worktop by the kitchen steps that doubles as a storage cupboard. Inside the cupboard I created access to the dead space right under the steps. The hollow space under the steps can be used for long term storage.”

Beth Bowdler

beth bowdler










“If you are fortunate enough to be the lucky recipient of wicker hampers, once you’ve enjoyed the contents just use the baskets as extra storage. I have those pictured stacked in my bedroom.”

Laura Dobson

Laura Dobson1







“Space is tight at our holiday home in the French alps, so we have this Futon Company table and bench which folds out when needed- we use as a breakfast bar in the morning and fold it out in the evening…..perfect space saver!! The Futon Company bench slides under to save space and the grey bench doubles up as dining seating and storage for the bedding for the sofabed! The shelf below the TV also contains our DVD library and Wii games which also saves space!”


Laura Dobson2









“When we bought our place, the second bedroom only had a single bed in which wasn’t suitable for our needs. We therefore bought a ‘triple sleeper’ bunk which has a small 4ft double on the bottom and full size single on the top…..this sleeps 3 comfortably and has proved a popular arrangement as the room can now be used by a couple or two adults (using the bunks). There is a huge amount of space underneath for suitcases etc…..suits us perfectly!! Above the top bunk we have built a little shelf which can be used as a bedside table and has a clip on bedside light.”


Laura Dobson3










“The use of a picture rail in the cosy main bedroom doubles up as a bedside table for charging your phone etc. the clip on lights are space saving too….and our divan has 4 large underbed storage drawers as we don’t have space in the room for a chest of drawers.Justine Edwards I saw this on an American site and thought i’d give it a try and it worked for me as clothes i did not wear i put on a well known Auction Site which made me money! #MySpaceSavingTip”

Denise Cop

Denise cop (2)








“Get the kids involved in having a good old clearout at least every 6 months, doing a car boot is a great incentive when they end up with some extra money in their pockets and house is kept minimal”