More Top Tips for Small Spaces

It’s no secret that Britain is renowned for building the smallest homes in Europe, with an average 500 sq ft per one-bedroom flat. But did you know that’s roughly the same size as a London Underground carriage? That’s according to the Daily Mail.

So when it comes to maximising small spaces, there must be a set of rules and formulas that make the most of every nook and cranny. Right?

According to Olga Alexeeva, owner of design firm, identified by Emma as an expert in the field of small spaces, the key is to “take into account every inch of your space.” Her top tips are enlightening and inspired. Here’s a snapshot:

-The furniture has to be correct. Use low furniture so it won’t overwhelm
-A low-back sofa with no legs helps to ‘anchor’ the main living area
-A sofa will double as your sleeping area
-Custom-made items can be worth the outlay
-High ceilings present opportunities
-Wall lights are another space saving option, allowing you to keep tightly rationed surfaces clear of table lamps
-Long, lightweight curtains create a vertical line down to the floor and offer a sense of height. They should be fixed to the ceilings
-Use a big rug tucked under the sofa to create the illusion of space
-“Beware the temptation to make a small space feel grand in an effort to camouflage its size,” warns Alexeeva. “Don’t have too many details or ornaments. Simplicity adds more value.”

Futon Company says: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when it comes to the home, small is beautiful. Making the most of small space living boils down to first assessing the main uses for the space, and then being realistic about what you can achieve. It’s possible that even the tiniest place can be a comfortable and efficient space for working, eating, sleeping a relaxing. All it takes is a little inspiration and some space saving savvy…