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Looking for decorating inspiration in the October issue of Elle Decoration we totally loved Top Tips From Design Bloggers featuring Desiree Groenendal’s blog. Her mantra of minimal colour and maximum style influences her approach to decorating her Amsterdam apartment. Here we check out more of her decorating tips…

• Start with a blank canvas: Declutter to remove anything that doesn’t have a use or a personal meaning before decorating
• Use repetition to bring balance to your home: Laying the same floor throughout, for example, or displaying large and small versions of the small lamp, will help to create a harmonious feel
• Decorate using details: A well-stocked magazine rack or picture-led shelf full of coloured books will bring colour into a room. This way you can chop and change the decorations on a small budget using what you already have
• Clear out your cupboards every season: If an object has been hidden away for several months, it might be time to let it go
• Try to do-it-yourself even if you don’t think of yourself as handy. You might find that you’re more capable than you think
• Create still-lifes of your most beloved treasures: These could be objects that relate to each other, like a collection of old cameras or items organised by colour, shape and size

Futon Company says: Living in a small space – as is the case with many city dwellers – there’s a real need to maximise your storage space, so we agree with vosgeparis’s tip to have a good clear out every season. Even more important is creating a great backdrop for your clothes and possessions, especially clever and easily portable storage solutions. Check out our range, ideal for space saving living…

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