Moodboarding the hi-tech way

Planning a revamp for your home this autumn? Then it’s time to learn the art of hi-tech moodboarding, urges Metro’s Jenny Wood

She says: gone are the days when making a moodboard meant reaching for glue and scissors. Today these collections of patterns and themes (traditionally used by professional designers bringing together ideas and trends for a scheme) are distinctly hi-tech. And we’re obsessed with them. Wood attributes this trend largely to Pinterest. It’s easy to see trends rising on the site – there’s been an increase of nearly 40% of people using grey paint over the past three months.

The popular appeal of moodboards is no mystery. According to Natalie Barker from the KLC school of design [they] allow you to experiment and test different looks for your home before you decide to commit… A moodboard will help you to stay focused and avoid making unnecessary purchases. Her top tips for creating a really special moodboard are inspiring. These are our favourites:

• Build your moodboard around a focal point, for example a curtain fabric, wallpaper sample or photo of a rug
• Find images that suggest the look and atmosphere you’re aiming for, then try them against the fabrics, wallpaper and paint images you’ve gathered. Integrate travel and cookery shots too – think colour and texture
• Next, add furnishing including sofas, tables and chairs. If you’re keeping some of your existing furniture add a photograph to the board
• Finally add accessories to tie everything together. Think cushions, lamps and artworks that complement your scheme’s key colours and textures
• Use the moodboard as a visual shopping list – a prompt to help create your new interior. Be strict – before you buy anything, ask yourself whether it fits on your board

According to Jenny Wood, the best pro Moodboards include:

Moodboard Lite
Morpholio Board

Futon Company says: When we’re looking to style a room we always take a stylish piece of furniture or an accessory as a starting board. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites. What’s more, each and every piece is perfect for space saving living..

Bamboo Nest of Tables









SB04 – 3 Table (Design Masters)










Tia Side Table (Design Masters)











GG Shelf by Nell Beale (Design Masters)