Mellow yellow spaces

Looking out of the window or taking a walk outside might bring you face-to-face with a more muted colour palette right now – think bare brown branches, grey skies and dark green grass – but there are plenty of ways to brighten up your life…Simply bring the sunshine inside.

From vivid egg yolk to mellow ochre, yellow is the colour of autumn – a cheery antidote to the winter blues, says Katrina Burroughs, writing in the Sunday Times (October 20th).

She continues, If there’s a colour equivalent to Marmite, it’s yellow. And, in keeping with the trend for polarised opinion, yellow is having a moment this autumn. The livery of wasps and lemons is often shunned because, in its most intense form, it does nobody any favours… But pick a knocked-back yellow, the edge taken off with white or grey pigment…. and you have the foundation of a cosy interior that amplifies sunshine and lifts the spirits.

Yellows are the perfect patterns for pinks and berry tones, grey-greens, bronzes and a particular lilac.

  • Yellow alters with light so do a good patch tests (A4, say) before you decorate and live with them for a few days.
  • Brighter shades thrive in sunny rooms, while darker golds can look magnificent in more sombre interiors.
  • Yellow has a reputation for being energising, but this stimulating effect can feel overwhelming in areas where you want to retreat for peace and quiet.
  • If you have zero yellow in your wardrobe, maybe give this trend a miss!

Futon Company says: Yellow is the perfect pick-me-up for small spaces, and introducing an ochre-coloured cushion or a mustard-toned lamp into your room is the ideal way to bring the sunshine inside. We love the idea of pairing yellow with other colours for an insta-trend-update – inspired words from Katrina Burroughs! Check out our mellow yellow accessories – each and every one the perfect pairing for your pocket pad….

Cache Lamp – yellow

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