Maximising Space To Store Your Stuff

Now that the last days of summer are upon us and all things autumn/winter are arriving in the shops we’re turning our attention inwards and focusing on our homes.

Whether you live in a house share with several others or have a place to yourself, it’s often the case that there’s never enough space for all your stuff.  So surfing the wonderful resource source we call the worldwide web we came upon this inspiring little blog ‘how to live with stuff and little space’:  affordable tips from an NYC creative couple

Here’s a taster of some of our favourite snippets from the blog:

* Create multipurpose rooms: This couple use their living, kitchen and dining rooms as work, rest and entertainment areas – each room is adaptable “so the apartment never feels small”

* Don’t skimp on bookcases: They’re great for keeping ‘stacks’ under control, not just books!

* Use art to bring life to a room: Prints, canvases, photographs and sculptural lamps all have an impact

* Display things that look good together (and hide the rest)

* Stick with stackable tableware: Bowls, dishes, plates and cups that stack inside one another make use of every inch of space

* Take advantage of vertical shelf space

* Hang as much as you can, including folding chairs

* Use space under the bed as storage

* Create a linen closet in a box under the bed

* Go to the wall for extra storage

Futon Company says: “Wow! So many practical and cheap tips that are easy to implement – what is there to add?!


Ciclo Folding Chair

Limited Edition Print By Rennie Pilgrem – Rowing Coach On Holiday

Oak Leaning Ladder Wardrobe