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Mattress 101: elevate your sleep with our buying guide

Sleep is everything, and today marks the start of National Bed Month, emphasising the positive effects of regular, quality sleep on a supportive bed and mattress on our health and wellbeing.

This got us thinking about how our own bed is serving us, particularly our mattress and at what point it needs replacing. According to Homes & Gardens, the lifespan of a good quality mattress is around 7-10 years, depending on materials and usage.

So, when was the last time you gave your mattress a health check? There are a few warning signs as to whether you may need to upgrade or not, such as waking up feeling achy, unable to get comfy in bed, waking up tired, feeling lumps and bumps in your mattress, and sleeping better anywhere else but your own bed!

If you’re considering trading in your bed mattress or buying your first futon bed, here’s a handy buying guide with everything you need to know. Since 1980, all our futons, mattresses and sleepover products have been handmade from our London workshop, using mixtures of 100% cotton, recycled fibre fillings, foam and pocket springs – so you’re in safe hands.

Futons for day beds and sofa beds
Easily transform a snug sofa into a snooze-inducing sleep space with minimal effort; our futons are the stuff that dreams are made of.

For occasional sleepovers:
Comfy futon (for day beds) – a deeply comfy fibre-filled futon mattress for daytime lounging;
Authentic futon (for single and double futons) – combines the authenticity of the original Japanese cotton futon with extra thermo-bonded polyester fibre filling and recycled fibre fillings;
Classic bifold (for three-seater futons) – deep comfort is achieved by sandwiching traditional fibre layers between two sumptuous slabs of deep-profile foam, topped off with a soft-feel poly denim wrap top and bottom.

For regular use:
Relax futon (for day beds) – made from soft, supporting pink block foam and topped with a layer of dreamy Dacron fibre for added comfort;
Comfy futon (for single and double futons) – with all the authenticity, longevity and resilience of our Authentic futon, plus an added layer of foam to ensure a deep sleep every day of the week;
Supreme bifold (for three-seater futons) – designed to withstand everyday use; the combination of a generous layer of super-comfort sprung fibre, backed by a deep profile of foam and topped with soft poly denim, offers supreme comfort and support for both sleeping and sitting.

The best of the best:
Ultimate 3-panel futon (for double futons) – retains its upholstered look day-to-day thanks to its construction from three distinct panels; made from soft supporting foam, a supporting foam block, and topped off with a layer of dreamy Dacron fibre for added comfort;
Fluffy futon (for three-seater futons) – designed with extreme comfort in mind, offering supreme softness, brought to life by a softer-weave fabric top layer and an integrated design stuffed full of extra-soft components; an investment mattress for your sofa and guest bed.

Mattresses for traditional beds
Designed to deliver a deliciously deep sleep with a range of comfort levels available:

Comfort (available in single, double and king-size) – constructed using two cotton rich outer layers, two layers of Thermofill, one layer of Fibresprung™ and a single layer of high resilience foam within 100% cotton casing;

DeepSleep (available in single, double and king-size) – cleverly combines a firm and medium firm mattress in one. Take the medium firm option with one side of the mattress, then flip over for a firmer sleep when needed;

DeepSleep pocket sprung (available in double and king-size) – made from premium quality fillings, it blends layer upon layer of modern high-tech fibre mixed with pocket springs and encases them with a sumptuous foam surround to create the dreamiest of mattresses.

Stay grounded
● Designed to offer a natural sleeping surface on the floor or under a mattress, our popular tatami mats are kiln dried and made from heavily compressed rice straw with an authentic igusa rush straw cover in relaxing green, which over time matures into a golden sunshine yellow.

For all your bed and mattress needs, swing by one of our stores to have a chat, check out all the options, and even give a few a test snooze. Or, if you prefer, dive into our full range and get more info online!