Man’s Best Friend

It’s a well known fact that dogs are a man’s best friend, and many a dog owner will happily tell you the extent to which they love their four-legged friend.

Well now there’s evidence to reveal just how pally we are with our pooches!  According to research from ULTRA Food for Dog:

  • 49% of dog owners regularly share a bed with their pets
  • 38% of dogs have their names regularly signed on family cards
  • 36% of dogs regularly eat dinner when the rest of the family is eating

Meanwhile a global survey from Houzz spanning 11 countries and over 10,000 pet parents revealed that many pets are allowed to share their owner’s furniture and are pampered with expensive dog foods and special care products.  The reason for this, according to the research, is that “pets provide as much support [to their owners] as siblings and parents.  Only best friends ranked higher.”

Futon Company says:  We’re not surprised by these survey results; we’re big dog lovers here at Futon Company HQ as our beloved Jake will testify!  But as many pet owners will agree, there’s more to owning a pet than spoiling it rotten.  If you’re a pet parent it makes sense to ensure your home is pet friendly.  For example, thick-pile carpet is a no go for cats and dogs as their claws can get stuck.  Think flat weave carpets or better still wooden floors.  What’s more, pets, like children, mean clutter – so keep storage for toys, leads, brushes and winter coats, in separate storage.

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