Make the most of cosy season


Dry January/ veganuary/ The Official Month of Decluttering may well be over (finally! Was it just us or was that the longest month ever!) but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s still winter. And what with the cold weather (snow!), the fabulous new Netflix releases and the fact that we’re not on dry January anymore (or veganuary come to mention it, or decluttering actually – which means we have lots of spare time on our hands) it means that our free time can actually be fun again.


So what to do when it’s cold outside, Netflix is beckoning and there’s nowhere we need to be? Put on your PJs, grab a cosy blanket, a pillow for your head and settle in for the weekend we say! And if you need any more persuasion, take it from us – PJs are officially a thing. According to Mintel research the nightwear and loungewear market is now worth a whapping £1.5bn! So forget Brexit, the cold weather and the short days and don your PJs – it’s still cosy season, remember. Get it while you can!


Deep Fleece Bathrobe with Hood

Faux Sheepskin Bedspread

Jumbo Cord Cushion and Cover


Dot Coffee Mug