Make less look more

small space

Your space might be small but small can mean stylish.


When it comes to making ‘less’ look ‘more’, it’s all about making the right choices to create a calm and well-planned living space. Think about all the unused spaces in your home. Peculiar shaped corners, hidden alcoves and untouched wall space all have the potential to become useful storage, stunning bookshelves or spaces for impromptu guests so that every inch of space works hard for you.


What’s more, with a well-designed piece of furniture a single space can have multiple uses, transforming from a relaxing living room to a comfortable bedroom to a sociable party space. All it takes is a little bit of imagination…



















Lofa Sofa

lofa sofa








Walnut Folding Stool

wallnut folding stool








Oak Folding Chair

oak folding chair