Mad About the Dog?

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It’s no secret that here at Futon Company we’re mad about Jake, our owner Robert’s dog and company mascot… And it seems we’re not alone in our canine crush.  According to a survey from insurer Direct Line pet owners spent more than £1 billion of dog accessories in 2015. Popular canine gifts included dog clothes and shoes as well as luxury beds costing up to £700.

The survey of over 2000 pet owners also found that far from it being a dog’s life, pet pooches are treated increasingly like one of the family. More than half of dog owners have kissed their dog or spoken to it like a child, while almost 50% let Fido sleep in their bed at night. Meanwhile, a further 50% admitted to feeding their pooch the same meals as the rest of the family – shunning traditional dog food. In fact, almost one quarter allowed their dog to eat from the same plate!

Direct Line’s head of pet insurance Prit Powar said: “Brits really are a nation of dog lovers, choosing to spend their hard-earned cash on making their beloved pooches comfortable… But they should remember [that all they really need to provide is] a healthy diet, regular fresh water, treatment when needed, exercise and love.”

Futon Company says:  If your pet pooch really is part of the family and demands nothing less than being treated like a King, we have plenty of pet-appropriate products to give him the right royal treatment…

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