Love What You Live With in a Small Space


Big is beautiful, so the saying goes, but Polish designer Szymon Hanczar begs to differ.

Featured on, his 13 square metre city apartment is the ultimate lesson in how small space living is an art form. Says blog writer Caroline Williamson, “Somehow [Szymon Hanczar] was able to take his [tiny] city apartment and turn it into a surprisingly functional home that provides everything one might need or want. Besides being functional, the minimal space is pretty aesthetically amazing… The apartment contains a loft bedroom, kitchenette, a table, bike storage, a washing machine, storage and hammock. Perfect for a single person not looking for a huge place to maintain, which is exactly what Hanczar designed, while not having to give up any comfort or functionality.”

Futon Company says: Some people assume that it’s not possible to combine style with function. We beg to differ. When it comes to furnishing and styling a small space, the functional necessities come first but there are always clever design solutions to make a style statement, for example dual or multi-function furniture and products; utilising and making the most of wall space for savvy storage solutions and paring down accessories to what you need – but opt for products that you love.

Remember, in a small space less is more but you need to love what you live with.

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