Trend Alert: Living the Lagom Life


The past few months have seen a bewildering range of Danish-inspired lifestyle trends. First we had Hygge (the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures – friends, family, graciousness), then came Gezellig (the warmth you feel when having dinner with friends, surrounded by a gentle feeling of happiness that comes from companionship). Oh, and we’ve also had clean eating and clean sleeping (although, admittedly, these came courtesy of the US)…

Whatever next?

We have it on good authority that February 2017 sees the Swedes taking centre stage. And Lagom is where it’s at.

Pronounced lar-gom, it doesn’t have a direct translation but it means “just the right amount” – so, not too much and not too little. According to journalist Rachel Carlyle, it’s one of the most frequently used words in Sweden – “you’ll eat a Lagom amount of food, live in a Lagom house, drive a Lagom car… In other words, just good enough to enjoy life but not over-the-top or ostentatious.”

No wonder, then, that Swedish furniture giant IKEA has been quick to tap into the trend with its Living Lagom project which encourages UK households to live more sustainably.

So the Lagom concept sounds pretty straightforward, but how does this translate into everyday living? Carlyle says:

-Eating right (not too much and not too little) is one of the reasons that the Swedes have one of the lowest obesity rates in the world

-Style in Sweden is about looking as though you haven’t really tried. Think natural makeup and undone hair – a bun with flyaway strands, for example

-Making small changes which benefit the environment – recycling more

-Thinking minimalist and buying less

-Leaving work on time and striving for a good work/life balance

-Eating in season and looking for locally sourced produce

-Forgetting about striving for happiness and perfection (which actually makes us more miserable in the long run)

-Adopting an internal mindset of acceptance and contentment

Futon Company says:
Another lifestyle concept that makes some great, common sense points! What appeals to us is that you should get into a mindset of acceptance. While we’re not advocating being miserable, as experts in small space living, we’re big believers in making the most of what you have. Tiny home? No problem. Rather than wishing for a bigger space, focus on maximising the space you do have, introducing space saving and dual function furniture. What’s more, rather than stuffing your space with unused products, try buying less but buying things you really love. Seek out a design ethos and approach which appeals to you and surround yourself with beautiful things.

Embrace the Lagom!



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