Liven-up Your Living Room

Now that autumn is well and truly here it’s time to turn your attention to the great indoors. It might be getting colder outside, but inside the temperature is positively toasty so it’s time to get your thinking cap on, your creative brain fired up, and to liven up your living room.

To get you in the mood, check out top tips from Creative Director Rebecca Wakefield in the September 2017 issue of Elle Decoration. Here she explains how to place your furniture and objects for maximum impact:

The rule of three: Working with uneven numbers, says Wakefield, is an unwritten rule of still-life styling. Symmetry and coupling objects should be avoided. Instead, she suggests, think alternatively, “Arrange a lateral object such as a book or tray with something tall and vertical like a vase or candlestick and something low and bulky like a paperweight or bowl.”
Work with your room size: You can often get away with much larger pieces than you think in a large room, but in a small space the opposite is true: “You often have to downscale more than you’d think to create the illusion of an open, airy space.” Wakefield suggests opting for a sofa that is less deep but as wide as the room can take, placing it against the wall. “Armchairs should be smaller too, but if you don’t have room for any, don’t force them in – they will overpower the space.”
Get the right rug: A rug should be the “main anchor of the room,” says Wakefield. Go for the largest rug you can fit in
How to hang art: Unexpected artwork positioning and sizing can add real interest to a space. Hanging a small piece above a side table in the corner of a room, and adding a lamp alongside, can create the illusion of a secondary space (word from Futon Company: playing with scale in this way can help to make a small space ‘pop’)

Futon Company says: These top tips are the perfect example of how to liven up your living room with minimal input to achieve maximum impact. Check out some of our small space saviours that can help you to achieve the same effect…

3 Tier Birch Coffee Table










GG Shelf by Nell Beale









Doe Table by Ben Fowler









Metropole Lamp









Flood Lamp