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Futon Company ceramic lamps bannerThe in-store and online arrival of our fabulous new ceramic lamp range has set our interior-design pulses racing! Perfect for small space living, these illuminating lights work well individually as stand-alone pieces or as part of a configuration. But when it comes to planning your interior lighting layout, it’s always good to get expert advice. We found Sally Storey’s tips ( in the November 2015 issue of Elle Decoration ( particularly illuminating. She says…

· Think about how you use a room before making any decisions. You may want a well-lit kitchen that doubles as a space for children to do homework which can also be transformed into an atmospheric dining area. The key is smart layering, using devices such as recessed ceiling spots and individual dimmers to achieve depth

· Always fit dimmers, so that you can change the mood of the room and create a variety of lighting effects. Try putting table lamps on one circuit, downlights emphasising pictures on a second and recessed uplights or shelf lights on a third

· Don’t go for symmetrical ceiling layouts. Symmetry doesn’t matter, it’s what you are illuminating that is important. Lines of downlights give the impression of an office space, rather than a home

· Use uplighters on the floor or above units to make a room feel larger: they will wash your wall with light. Also remember that white walls will naturally reflect more light back at the viewer

· Always consider high-tech options. LEDs can be programmed to create complex lighting schemes that can be controlled via your smartphone

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