Make Your Living Space Seem Bigger


Always on the hunt for space saving hints, tips and ideas, we enjoyed a Q&A featured in the Metro (August 25th 2015) with Mark Riese, the Creative Director at Urban Living Interiors. Here’s a taster…

Q: I have a very strange and interesting shaped one-bedroom corner flat, on the top floor of our building. I want to decorate it with colours that will make my living space seem bigger. Help!
A: Strange and interesting sounds good. The top floor could mean lots of light or could mean poor ceiling height, where the roof slope intrudes. There are no rules when tackling these challenges. Sometimes we have to be brave and experiment. I have never been scared of using dark colours to change space dynamics. Experimenting with colour will transform your space in an easy way that allows equally quick and low cost remedial action if you are not happy. White is the easy answer – all over; but why not head for grey? Just be careful as some greys go towards blue which can be colder or more masculine, while other greys have a pink or purple tone. And then there is simply a true grey. A good mid-grey with teal accents – I love the Urbane Grey paint from Little Greene (No 225) – with statement pieces of furniture is a winning formula. Now here’s my top tip: the clever way to make walls feel taller and the room feel more spacious is to paint the ceiling and skirting boards the same colour as your walls. It adds height and volume.

Futon Company says: Once you have the colour sorted in a small space, there are plenty of other clever ways to maximise on and utilise space. Check out our space saving furniture – ideal for making the most of every nook and cranny in your home…

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