Let the Christmas Countdown commence


The Christmas Countdown is on.

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping the festive window displays, Christmas light switch-ons and drinks parties taking place across the country. And while the Countdown can often be more fun the the Big Day itself, not everyone shares this enthusiasm. Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James explains how we can conquer our festive fears. She says…

• Do Christmas your way: What makes Christmas magical for you? It could be attending a carol concert or taking a long walk. Prioritise the things you enjoy and don’t take on tasks that hold no meaning. If Christmas equals family time, politely decline invitations from elsewhere. Alternatively, if you intend to be out partying, don’t struggle to transform your home into a winter wonderland. Create the Christmas you want and let other obligations fall away

• Banish D-Day thinking: How can a countdown bring anything but panic? Resist saying “I’ll have it done by Christmas” to your boss or “we must meet up at Christmas” to the friend you haven’t seen for six months. When you catch yourself acting like a survivalist and stockpiling supplies, stop! The gentle January lull can be a more convenient time to catch up with family and friends

• Accept the ‘good enough’ Christmas: It’s the pressure to make it perfect that creates stress. People will row, the tree will lean and no one will eat the pudding. Accept that in advance and understand that all you can control is your attitude. Resolve to keep calm and go with the flow

• Don’t let Christmas override normal life: Keep a sense of perspective by staying in touch with what keeps you sane, be it your book group, walking the dog, or seeing your best friend for coffee. Try not to cancel anything in the run-up because you’re ‘just too busy’

• Take stock: If your Christmas has thrown what is wrong with your life into sharp focus, use it as an opportunity to reflect. On the day itself – and without the distraction of your usual routine – ask how you would like your life to be next Christmas. It’s a chance to plan and prepare for the changes you need to make

• Obligation: Make sure Christmas isn’t all about duty or you’ll start the New Year feeling burned out. Get together a week early for a leisurely drink or lunch…or maybe you have absent neighbours who’d be happy for your guests to house sit for them (and your guests may be delighted with the peace and privacy too!)

Futon Company says: Christmas planning and hosting in the confines of a small space can add extra stresses and strains to the festive season. However, with some forward planning and dual function/ portable furniture, there are plenty of ways to make the most of space saving living…

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