Less Space More Luxe

For reasons we can’t quite comprehend, it’s often the case that those not-in-the-know equate small spaces with basic/low-luxe living. It’s a bit of a mystery to us here at Futon Company because, as anyone in-the-know knows, small space savvy is currently a trend in interiors – and to our mind, less space equals more luxe.

But don’t just ask us! This month’s edition of Elle Decoration features a ‘small space’ special with tips from designers 2LG Studio on making a small space look luxe. Here’s what they say:


  • Opt for delicate furniture: Think thin legs on chairs and skinny bodies on lamp and narrow sofa spindles, which all allow light to pass easily around and through them while stopping rooms from feeling too boxed in.
  • Reflective surfaces: These don’t have to be just mirrors. As Futon Company also advises: In our book, anything metallic or see-through counts as a reflective surface, including hung and stand-alone mirrors, brass or metallic plant pot holders, silver candlesticks, as well as plastic accessories – they all make an impact.
  • Remove radiators: They encroach on the available space. Says Futon Company: If you have the budget, the time and the know-how, this is a good tip. Under-floor heating can add extra space and save you a penny or two in heating bills.


Futon Company says: If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a major overhaul of your small space and you want the luxe look for less (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine!) it’s not a problem – simply focus on reflective and see-through surfaces, as well as thin legs on furniture to up your luxe appeal:

X Table by David Colwell


Leap Desk by Ben Fowler


Kobi Drawer Unit


Smile Mirror


SB04-2 Table (medium top table) by Baines & Fricker